Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Organised with a Kikki.K workshop

Last December I decided to finally get around to sorting, organising and making our home office 'pretty'.
I tried to do it as low budget as i could.
 I used an old pine desk, as well as a very old pine bookshelf that had been sitting in the corner of our spare room gathering dust (and piles of junk). 
So one week hubby and i got in and finished painting the walls, and then the man inside me LOL, came out.  I pulled out the electric sander, paint gun and got to work.

 Once all done, we brought it in placed the bookshelf on top of the desk.  I had old black gift boxes that I repurposed into storage.  Printed my own labels and here is the end result...

Im happy to say that I was so pleased with the end result.  The room was light airy, fresh and beautiful.  I did most of the decorating with items i had.  Its amazing what a bit of paint can do.
Well, almost 12months on...its still there but just not and tidy...*sad face*
I had all good intentions of being organised and tidy this year but as the months rolled on, the paper piles on the kitchen bench ended up just getting placed on the desk...and after so long doing this im no more organised than i was prior to the makeover *sigh*
Last week I was at Robina town centre walking past of my most favorite stores in the universe.
I go in there and indulge in my fanatises and in total denial that my home office will and does look like that store. doesnt, but one can dream, lol.
All the pretty white and blue boxes, files, paper, pens, diaries, calenders...ahhhhhhhhhhh..........H.E.A.V.E.N!
While I was there I noticed a woman siting down having a one on one consultation.  I also noticed close by a brochure for 'paperflow' workshops.  I asked the shop assistant about it.
I had heard about these before and wanted to do but in my denial thought "ive got it sorted, i dont need to do one of the organised queen"
After talking to the lovely store assistant, I admited defeat and decided I DO need help.
So i booked in for the last workshop of the year.
That was last night. 
 The workshop was a cosy affair.  Just me and 3 other ladies (as well as the professional organiser and shop lady)
we were greeted with either a glass of champagne or sparkling water, and fresh strawberries, tim tams and crackers.
We introduced ourselves to each other and  told each other why decided we needed to be there.
It was an hour workshop which included a handbook and a kikki.k pen.  We also were entitled to 10% discount on the night as well as a one week after the workshop to allow us to go home and work out what we need.
It had some amazing ideas.  Their 6 step paper station is fantastic and I am going to implement it into our home...not just in the office either.
The principles could be applied to almost anywhere in the home.

After it was all done I purchased the 2013 family calender ~ great for organising and planning things individually and as a family.
I also purchased the kikki.k 'peek-a-boo' shopping basket.  it was suggested to leave it at the front door and place everything you need in the car.  All you have to do is pick it up in the morning as your walking out the door and your not searching for things like DVDs, Library books, signed forms for school etc.  As you remember (ideally the night before) place it in the basket. 
Along with the basket I also purchased the 5-tab plastic pocket.  This is also great to place in the basket for the smaller things like shopping list, mail, forms etc that I may need through out the day.  It also fits neatly into my handbag.
So today Im all set and keen to tackel the office.  Miss Mimi is home sick from school today so I am making the most of my time to start planning.
I think the problem I had origanally with my office is that I did all the decorating and put pretty boxes etc around but honestly...didnt realy serve a purpose other than to 'look pretty'.
Now my office will not just look pretty but will also be funtionable.
Today my goal is:
*Revising my notes
*sorting & cleaning office
*Planning what I need exactly to have a properly funtioning office
*making notes for what I need
The goal=
1.Have a fresher, tidier office that I can locate things at an instant
2. Have a smoother running home,  Finances etc.
3. Save money
4. Happy family!
If you ever get a chance to do a kikki.k workshop I would definitly consider it.
I feel it has given me a new lease on organising and will be much, much easier to maintain in the long run.



Friday, October 19, 2012

Ballina Caravan trip with meal plan.

                                                               Happy friday friends!

 Look at my pretty holiday toes...I hate my feet, ugly, ugly, short stumpy feet and toes but i have pretty 'french manicured' toe nails I did my self the night before we left for our Ballina caravan holiday.

Last Saturday we got back home from our wonderful holiday at ballina.  As mentioned in my last post, we went away with my brother, his wife and his delightful daughter, my six year old niece.  It was a mixed bag with the weather.  The first 2 days it was very hot (around 29 degrees) and the 3rd day it was heavy rain & wind, the 4th day was blowy but sunny and warm and the 5th day was nice.  So over all, it was good.

We went in the caravan, but before we left we preped everything so all we had to do was R.E.L.A.X!
As a mum, im in charge of cooking cause we all know that if it wasnt caught that day and cooked on the barbeque, the husband dont cook it.  You know, Im fine with that because I dont mind cooking AND that means husband cleans up, win!  hehe.
Anyway, this time round I thought Im going to be super organised.  My goal was to plan everything we were going to eat BEFORE we left, shop BEFORE we leave and cut up and wrap everything so when it comes time to cooking on holidays its less fuss as possable with the maximum nutrition. This was my kitchen 24hours prior to leaving...
I chopped, seperated, wrapped and packed EVERYTHING before we left.  Even the snacks.  Here is a general run down of the meals we had...
MONDAY... Lunch~ Ham rolls & a bannana (on the road)
                      Snack~ Packet of chips (in the car driving)
                       Dinner~ Mexican burritos

TUESDAY...Breakfast~Bacon and egg burgers, made on english muffins.
                      Morning tea~ fruit
                      Lunch~ Crackers with avocado, cheese and ham
                      Afternoon tea~popcorn
                      Dinner~ Chicken skewers and salad with flavoured rice
                      Dessert~ chocolate

WEDNESDAY...Breakfast~ Pancakes with chopped strawberries, bannana, yoghurt and syrup
                            Morning tea~ Chips, carrot and celery sticks and dip
                            Lunch~ sausage sandwhiches
                           Afternoon tea~ friut and nibblies
                           Dinner~ slow cooked chicken (yes I even packed my slow cooker)
                                    with corn cobbs, baby potatoes and salad.
                           Dessert~ chocolate

THURSDAY...Breakfast~ Breaky wraps (bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans and cooked
                                            tomato on a flat bread wrap)
                          Morning tea~ Crackers
                           Lunch ~ cheese and avocado and tomato on crispbread.
                          afternoon tea~ popcorn
                           Dinner ~ lamb and veges
                          Dessert ~ marshmallows
FRIDAY~ Breakfast~ Toast/cereal and coffee/juice
                   Morning tea~ yoghurt
                    Lunch ~ sausage sandwhiches
                  Dinner~ Pasta cabonara and salad
                   Dessert ~ Marshmallows

SATURDAY~ Breakfast~Toast/cereal and coffee/juice
                         Morning tea ~ crackers/cheese/chips/fruit (anything we could find to eat in the car
                         for the trip home)
                         Lunch~ we had hot chip sandwhiches.  On the way home we stopped at a little beach
                         Pottsville and bought hot chips, white bread and tomato sauce.  Not real healthy but,
                         hey, we're on holidays!

Saturday night we were home and eating our regular food.  Actually we eneded up with takeaway that night as we got home late and after emptying the caravan, doing 3 loads of washing and putting everything away I justt wanted to put my feet up, have a glass of merlot and have dinner made for me, hehe.
Here are some happy snaps of our holiday...

SERIOUSLY!!! Does it get much better than this??  Me sunbaking watching the kids spalsh in the pool.

This was taken Thursday night.  We went for a bit of a night 4wd drive along a beachy track.  Was fun!

Lying on my towel on the beach...ahhhhhhh.....

Whats a camp/caravan holiday without a fire and marshmallows...?

Chip sandwhiches by the sea..Lovin' it!

GoOdByE bAlLiNa...waiting to board the ferry back home.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ahhhh...its that time of year again!

We are in the process of getting ourselves organised for another caravan trip.  Yay! So excited and well and truly overdue.
This time we are heading to Ballina.  I cannot wait. We are heading off for 5 nights and 6 days.  We are heading off with my brother and his wife and their 5 year old daughter.
It's the start of spring and I hope the weather stays as perfect as it has.  Ive been making list {as you can see in the pic} planning and packing.  Today we aired out the caravan and washed all the curtains.  Its been closed up a little too long over winter so its nice to get in and get it ready.
Im in the process of planning meals.  Ive visted many websites for inspiration for example applevalleygirl and
Even though we are caravaning I still enjoy my cooking and having a nice meal with a glass of wine after a long day reading and at the beach.  Im honestly not one for baked beans on toast or sausages on stale white bread for dinner. (although the odd sausage for lunch is good) Even on a budget we can still cook wholesome, tastey, yummy, gourmet meals.  Once ive decided on the final list I will post what Ive come up with. hehe.
Anyhoo...i will update with pics as time goes on...happy spring, all xoxo

Im so excited!!  Ahhhh....just thinking about it makes my body relax.