Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our busy, fun holidays so far.

Hi all fellow bloggers, This morning I woke up with a yuck head cold.  Summer there anything worse? hehe.  Anyway, its kind of been nice to stop today.  We have been going non stop since last friday.  Last friday we had a 'dinosaur party' for My son.  Saturday I was cleaning up and cooking for our 'beach day' down at Hastings point, NSW. (see the pic below)  Its such a stunning place and we spent the whole day there with our beautiful friends.  Getting there at 7am and leaving at 5pm, we had a ball.  The kids swam, played, snorkeled and we all ate and relaxed.

We went for a big walk and saw crabs, shells etc...Such a lovelytime.  We slept well that night too, heehee.
 Then on Monday we had our dear fiends over for a big canadian breakfast.  Yes, yes fatty, heart attack on a plate but once a year a feast of bacon, eggs, pancakes topped with mapel syrup is devine! Oh, and I cant forget the champagne. hehe.
We then threw the kids in the pool and we relaxed chatting.
Last night we cruzed down to 'Yatala' to the drive-inn.  Was so much fun with the kids as they've never been and we went witha few car loads which made it even more fun and exciting. 

We took matresses and set the kids up outside with food etc.  We saw 'happy feet 2' and 'puss in boots'.  Was fun.
So any way, I today i think i needed to just stop and not think.  Although it has been super fun, non stressful stuff...we havnt stopped.  Late nights, early mornings and im tiiirrrreedd plus sick.
Oh well, thankgoodness its holidays and we can all chill and relax together.


Friday, December 23, 2011

End of year class cupcakes.

The last week of school and that means break up parties YAY!!  The kids and I decided to make cupcakes for their classes....yum!

In the oven...

Cooked and ready to decorate.  Miss mimi helping so beautifully.

The boys ones...

...and the girls ones!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The stunning moon ♥

I had to share with all the beautiful moon our God has blessed us with tonight...

These pics were taken about 15mins ago in our back yard, {8.15pm Sat 12/11/11}
 I know the pic quality isnt the greatest but you get the idea.  Stunning huh?


Saturday, October 15, 2011

My aunties beautiful home in byron bay.

I  have been wanting to share this amazing day for quite some time now.  Look at this stunning house.  It is like some enchanted whimisical home found some where in the province of france....but no, its my lovely aunties home situated in byron bay, NSW.  Approx 30 mins from where we live.  Here lives my aunty, her husband, my cousin and her husband, her daughter & son.  Along with the array of animals.... 3 dogs, 4 horses, roosters, chickens, ducks...its all just a bit too beautiful and amazing.
Let me share the day that we all went down in June this year.  Our little family as well as my mum, nanna, sister and her husband, my brother and his wife and all our kids.  It was such a fun day.

Check out the ponytail tree....
As you drive down the loooong driveway you are welcomed by this amazing reddy coloured home with lots of trees and an amazing water feature...

the view from inside the front door...stunning.

once inside its a split level home that is very open plan.  You can pretty much see the whole house from the top level.

This is the main bedroom, fireplace and all.

there is a balcony running around most of the 2nd level.  You can see the whole coast line of Bryon can see the sea.

This is the very top room.  Its a spare room in a loft style, with these gorgeouse arch shape windows around the entire room to capture the amazing views.

bathroom. {im loving the floor tiles}

Loungroom...fireplace, of course!

Before lunch, we went out to visit the rooster, chickens and ducks....

This rooster is HUGE!!...

Look at him next to miss Mimi...

Dont ya love the green house?  Sooo Cute!...

So many fun, interesting things to find...


After this, my aunty, who is the most amazing cook EVER called us in for lunch.....mmmmmm, Im drooloing thing about it. So we headed back in...

We had sloow cooked, beef bourguignon with mashed potato and other yummy veges.
We sat down a looooong huge table under a chandelier.  It was noisy, happy, yummy, warm and it smelt good.

after lunch the kids were treated to HOME-MADE sweets...


After we lunch settle a little we went out the back of the home to see the horses, one of the high lights of the day.
This here is a beautiful outdoor day bed out the back...

Just look atthe view these horses have of the byron bay hinterland...

Miss mimi wanted to take this one home...

The boys {mine is the one on the right, in the grey shirt}

I love this random shot of miss mimi, she found a patch of wild daisies in the horse paddock.  She couldnt resist but pick a bunch.  She's truly my little Earth child...

"for you mum..."

As the day went on the weather turned and we got a storm.  It was actually the purfect way to finish the day.  The fireplace went on and we got stuck into homemade dessert with coffee...

Us girls were happy!
{My sister in law, my sister and I}

Little T with one of the friendly lil' dogs.

Another random spot that you discover around this amazing house...{I just adore the kumquat tree growing here}

It was truly a lovely day.  We all went home in the dark, very tired full and satisfied.  We were relaxed and had just the most fabulouse day.