Friday, January 22, 2010

My tasty BBQ Pies!

On Thursday we had some very special friends for lunch.  Seeing the weather has been rather warm here of late I decided to make some very tasty little pies.
I made 2 lots.  One~Sundried tomato, Pumpkin & fetta and Second~Egg & Bacon.  I served them with a loverly garden salad & a smidge of Balsamic Vinegar.
This is how I did them...
Shortcrust pastry (cut into squares)
Market Fresh Butternut Pumpkin (cut into tiny squares)
half a cup of sundried tomatos
Fresh Fetta cheese (also cut into small squares)
5 free range eggs (beaten)

I placed the pastry on top of kitchen paper and used that as lining.  I placed them into mufin trays and realy pushed them into the bottom so they have the same shape as the muffin tin when they come out.

I them placed all of the rest of the food into the pastry cups then poured the egg over the top.

For the Bacon and egg ones I baiscally did the same thing except used differeing ingredients...

Hormone free/Low fat bacon...(or you can simply use lean ham and shread it)
Fresh grated Parmesan cheese
Garlic chives~ chopped.
5 free range eggs~beaten.

Again just place into the pastry cups and cover with the egg.  Once cooked remove the paper and serve with a drizzle of Balsamic.
Now, normally I would cook in a moderate oven for about 20-30 mins.  However, our oven is 'out of order' at the moment.
At first I panicked, I thought "Oh no...what to do!!" I even was about to drive to my sisters to use her oven.  Instead I thought, Hmmm, I often cook Pizzas and "bake" roast meat in our hooded BBQ so I wonder if I could "bake" mini pies.  I put 2 in as a trial, and I was totaly amazed at the result...they were perfect.  I must admit they were a little dark on the bottom so with the next lot I place a cake tin unter the muffin try to raise it off the hot plate...It worked a treat.
Im so happy with my discovery.  I might try a few other things.  Now I know if Im ever stuck, My trusty ol' BBQ will save me.
My yummy little Pies on my trusty BBQ.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cardboard houses and coconuts.

As you can see, My kids have been busy over the school holidays.  Our toilet decided to need replacing a couple of weeks agoo and the new toilet came in a great big box...before the new toilet was even out of it, the kids were keen to get into it, as kids do.
This is my lil man getting into the painting for his new 'house'...

Miss Mimi too..they had a ball....

Seriously, who needs money and expensive toys...this beats anything.  We even cut doors and windows into it and they ended up finding another box for the garage and outdoor area (bbq etc) my kids know how to live LOL.

I also have to add, the other day when I dashed into the supermarket, my kids eyes caught site of the hairy coconuts.  They've never had fresh coconut before so Im all for fresh food new experiences.  They were cheap so I popped one into the trolly.  When we got home, Daddy drilled two holes into the top for the milk to pour out...we poured it into a glass, Next he cracked open the whole coconut  and they got to drink the milk out of it like a cup....Hmmmm, I must say (and didnt admit this to the kids LOL) but I wasnt too fussed on the fresh coconut milk...soooooo sweeeeet.
The kids didnt mind it and drank it all up.  Next the flesh of the coconut was cut off they they ate that.
They enjoyed it.  Im not sure they're in a rush for me to buy it again, but it was fun trying somthing new!

Im so, so lucky ♥

My hubby and I recently had the opportunity to have a night alone, thanks to my wonderful sister and her!  It was nice.  We went to our favourite restuarant "Mario's" at Broadbeach....mmmmmm, I can smell the food as I type.  coupled with a bottle of red and a barefoot walk on the beach after dinner, all was just perfect. 
I just adore My husband and I have to just say that he truly is the most wonderful husband in the universe...well, at least I think so anyway. LOL. 
Yummy dinner and sea air go hand in hand with us...I love it.

Yes...we stopped and lied in the sand...heels and all!  LOL..

SuMmEr PaRtY~The decorations~PART THREE

Ok, im back on.  My computer was on down time for a bit as my charger decided to die, but all's good now and im back on.
Sooo, back to the party.
The decorating part of the party was so fun.  As it was a summer/beach theme we used my husband mal as part of the was perfect.

Also a week before the party the kids and I made a bunting out of 4 differing blue cloured papers.  We also made some hanging fishies...

...and the fish...

...The kids are extreemly proud of their efforts here.

Monday, January 11, 2010


What else says summer more than a Surfboard?....So thats what we decided to make for the cake. 
I made two vanilla slab cakes...

Next, with the help from my wonderful husband, I cut out a template of a surfboard, out of kitchen paper then layed it over the two slabs.  I cut around the template so I had the shape of a board out of cake...

Almost done...i used a butter icing with yellow food colouring to cover the cake.  I then used chocolate icing to do the stringer and write Aloha.  For the stars I used a cookie cutter.  I very, very gently placed it where I wanted the stars to go so I had an outline in the icing.  With darker yellow icing, i then piped around the outline.  To finish off the stars I wanted to use coloured sugar but I couldnt find any in the supermarket  (ive since been told how to make sugar in a bag with food colouring and easy) So I just used yellow jelly crystls which worked just fine.

The PARTY TABLE!  For the finishing touches I placed some arrowroot biscuits into a food processor and processed them until they resembled sand.  I sprinkled this all around the base of the cake....It was a hit.


Yesterday 10/01/10 we had organised to have a summer party.  It was so awesome.  Im still waiting on photos to come from a friend and my sister in law who were the designated photographers for the day (i was just to plain busy for that). 
I tried so hard to have a party 'with the lot' but also had a pretty tight I had to work within that.

Here I have some pics of the party bags I made as well as the cute lil'ice cream invitations...

As it was a summer/beach theme I made the party bags out of brown paper bags that I got from a cheapie shop, they were about $4 for a pack of 5.  To me they gave me the feeling of the natural earthy beach. I placed a cute fish sticker on the front. (one pack of stickers $ pack did the trick, with some left over)
As we also had a few babies at the pary I did some little spererate gifts for them as they cant realy eat lollies or use a squirter ring LOL.  I just got some georgouse little 'postman Pat'book from a bookstore sale...they were $4.95 down to $1.95...bargain!

They were filled with fish lollies, water squirt rings, lolly Bananas, sherbet fruit lollies, beach themed erasers, stickers, a balloon, a lolly pop, a Tiny flip flop key ring, a many much sugar, but I guess it wouldnt be a party without it...LOL.

The kids and I spent a rainy day at the start of the holidays making the invitations...
We decided on an icy pole...just to set the mood.

The back view...

Fun day with the family...SEAWORLD!

To meschool Holidays are all about fun, chillin out, and laughter.  Doing things you dont normally do and enjoying it.
Last Tuesday (05/01/10) My husband and I and My sister and her husband decided to take the Kids to seaworld.  It was a great day.
Miss Mimi went there a couple of months ago with her class as a breakup for the year kinda thing, and was just itching to get back there.  Mr T had never been there but was feeding off his sisters enthusiasm.  We also has my sisters kids her 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son.  I think it was a great day. 
Lots of kids rides, shows, sharks, dolphins, was nice.

Miss Mimi and her cousin lining up for a ride...

Just about to go...

Up, up, up!

We LOVE Elmo...This was the sesame street show.

My favourite part...

Oh the lines were Looooooong, hubby and I waiting, waiting, waiting to go on the Bermuda Triangle ride...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NEW LOOK! Opinions...?

Sooo, whatya think? 
As Im slowly getting the hang of this whole Blog thing, I know a little more what Im doing (as much as a simple, not very computer smart person can be LOL) . 
I found the other layout to be a bit tricky with certain things and it wouldnt allow me to do some of the things I wanted to, so I decided to go with a simple, crisp, clear set up...I actually realy like it.
Im lovin'the colours.  I love the fresh blue and greens as well as the fresh whites. 
I like the layout as it isnt (heehee).
So all...let me know what ya think of the new look blog.  Same Blog, new look.

This is a beautiful Pic that was taken on a family holiday at Port Macquarie (nsw) in April last year.  Hubby and I spent the afternoon fishing with the kids...I saw the hooks sitting on the jetty just like this...I couldnt help but snap it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

ahhh, the soft rain falls....

There's nothing I like more than a rainy Sunday afternoon.  A roast in the oven, the house is clean and an old family movie is on the telly.  I love the fact that I can sit here, relax and not think about doing anything.  Its so nice too after a stinking hot summers day to have the rain cool things down, ahhhhh, I love it.  So calm and peaceful.  Thye kids are happy and also calm.  Hmmmmmm, Today, right at this moment...Life is good.

The wedding Cake ♥

Well, by now you must know how much I love to cook.  I must say, I find cooking rather theraputic LOL.
We had some elderly friends of ours recently tie the knot and I was asked to make the wedding cake....yes, you definitely heard that correct..."THE WEDDING CAKE"  THE cake...the thing everyone looks at and, 'I' have been asked to make it!!!!

I almost had a heart attack when I was asked...I like to cook, I honestly enjoy it, but I dont consider myself that good.
After thinking about it and I calmed down,  it was rather simple.  Two cheesecakes, layered on top of each other, cream over the lot.  Fresh roses draped all over.  I did have 2 friends help me.
Here is a pic of the cake half finished...

Ok, so we had 2 of these.  It was a fantastic recipe.  Here it is...

1/4 sweet biscuit crumbs ( I used Scotch finger )
80grams Butter, melted

750g Philadelphia block cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup caster sugar
1 1/2  teaspoons vanilla
2 eggs

200grams Greek natural yoghurt

400g jar cherries, drained, liquid reserved
1/4 castar sugar, extra,
2 teaspoons arrowroot, blended with
1 teaspoon cold water

1.combine biscuit crumbs& butter.  Press into the base of a greased and lined 22cm round springform pan.  Chill.
2.  Beat 500g Philly, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1 teaspoon Vanilla using an electric mixer untill smooth.  Beat in the eggs one at a time.  Pour into the prepared base and bake in a moderate oven (180•C ) for 20 mins.  Cool 5 mins.
3.  Beat the remaining Philly, sugar and vanilla untill smooth then beat in the yoghurt.  Pour over cooked base then bake for a further 10-15 mins untill just a little wobbly in the centre.  Allow to cool in the oven with the door ajar.  Chill.
4.  Combine the reserved cherry liquid, extra sugarand arrowroot mixture in a small saucepan and stire over low heat untill sugar has dissolved and syrup has thickened.Stire in cherries and cool.  Slice the cheesecake and place onto serving plates.  Spoon over cherries and syrup.  Serve immediately.

To be honest, this recipe is devine.  You gotta try it.  I actually doubled the recipe for each cake.
I also had the wonderful help of my friends Amanda & Christina to help me out with it all too.
The finished product was a complete success and I was amazed at hopw many at the weding came in to say "I dont know who made that cake but it was the best cheesecake Ive ever eaten" WOW, that that was a total compliment to me.  I felt just a tad proud of me ol' little self LOL.
The one thing I am annoyed at though, is Ididnt get a chance to get any snaps of the finished, decorated cake.  My sister in law who is a photographer, and was also used in the wedding, took a few snaps.  As soon as I get some I will post them to this blog.
All in all, Saturday 2nd Jan was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding and a sweet couple joined together in marrage.  it was one wedding that I was honestly privledged to have a part of.  I felt chuffed that I was asked to help out.
I wish them all the best in the new life together.
♥♥MWAH xoxoxox♥♥